With RomanCart you can easily sell your accommodation on the Internet, whether you have a Hotel, Holiday Park, Caravan Park, Holiday Villas, House for Rent or any other form of accommodation. RomanCart shows the customer the availablity for your accommodation and allows accommodation to be booked for periods of up to 14 nights.

Click here to watch a screencast showing how easy it is to Sell Accommodation Bookings

You can try some examples for yourself below (It won't cost anything and you won't be booking a real holiday!)

And this:
Or this:

The Booking Manager allows you to define fixed holidays such as a 'Weekend Special Rate' or 'Mid Week Break'. You can also set daily rates. Customers can either pay in full or only pay a deposit at the time of booking.

  1. Define dates for Low/Mid/High Seasons and up to 5 user seasons.
  2. Enter details of your booking types (Daily rate, Weekend break etc.)
  3. Enter details of your accommodation.
  4. Set the prices by season for each accommodation unit or category.
  5. Paste the html code for the 'Book Now' or 'Check Availability' buttons on your web pages.
  6. Start accepting bookings for your accommodation.

You can also allow customers to book 'extras' such as a cot, towels or anything else you would like to offer.

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