What is a Promotion?

A promotion is where you give the customer a promotional code which the customer can enter on the basket page. When they enter the code they will either benefit from a percentage discount on the order sub total, an actual discount on the order sub total, free shipping or a free product. Only one promotional code can be used per order.

Why would I want to use a Promotion?

Imagine that you have spent £1000 on a magazine advert next month. Then imagine that next month your sales do in fact increase. You will then feel obliged to repeat the magazine advert for the following month even though you don't really know whether it was the magazine advert which resulted in the higher sales, or if it was other marketing you were doing or even a seasonal sales blip. The solution to this is that you would put a promotional code on the magazine advert. For example 'enter abc123 on the cart and you will receive free shipping'. The advantage of this is that you would then be able to see on RomanCart the exact amount of sales which you have made as a result of the advert in the magazine. It gets better than that though. If you made 10 sales from your magazine advert which were worth £50 each then you would have sold £500 worth of orders. It would be tempting to draw the conclusion that you had lost at least £500 on your magazine advert. However, the value of your customers is the amount that they are going to spend with you over the next 1,2 and 3 years. If each customer on average spends £300 over 3 years, then as a result of your advert the predicted amount you will make over 3 years is in fact 10x300=£3000, in other words you would have made a £2000 profit from the advert. Once you have used RomanCart a while and it knows your customers average spend then you will be able to see all this information on the control panel, which as you can see is invaluable for planning and tracking your advertising campaigns.

What is a Coupon?

A coupon is a code which the customer enters on the basket page which will either reduce the price of an individual product by a percentage or by an actual amount. Customers can enter multiple coupons per order.

Why would I want to use a Coupon?

Coupons are similar to promotions, and can be used to track advertising campaigns. However they are targeted to specific products, so they are used to help you promote particular items which you are selling. If you offer selected customers a product at less than the normal price, it gives your customers a chance to try out the product. If they like it then some customers should buy it from you at the full price once the coupon period has ended.

What other types of Coupons and Promotions are there?

You can also set up promotional and coupon 'Algorithms'. This is where you might want to create hundreds of different promotional codes. Instead of entering each code individually, you tell the cart what makes a code valid and then can generate the code yourselves. In addition you can also set up 'dynamic' promotions and coupons. This is where the coupon or promotion is placed in a RomanCart generated email. A different code is generated with each email which is sent which can only be used once.

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