What is a Follow-Up Email?

A follow up email is an email which is sent to a customer after they have purchased some from you, or after they have abandoned the cart. You define when the email is sent in relation to the purchase or abandonment, it can be hours of days later.

Why would I want to use a follow-up email after a purchase?

Most businesses make most of their money from selling again and again to existing customers. With this in mind, it is really important that you do everything you can to show that you care about your customers and really appreciate their business. This doesn't mean spamming them with sales emails, but instead sending them timely, relevant information on the products they have purchased.

Why would I want to use a follow-up email after an abandonment?

An abandonment is where the customer has added something to the cart, but then not proceeded to purchase the item. You can set up a follow-up email to be automatically sent to the customer if this occurs. For example you might ask the customer in the email whether there is any extra information you can provide to assist them with the selection of products, or maybe provide a phone number for them to call you on for further assistance.

Why are Follow-Up Emails so good?

The best thing about Follow-Up emails are that once you have defined them, the emails are automatically sent. This means that you are constantly communicating with your customers even when everyone in your business is asleep! This hugely increases the communications you have with your customers increasing the trust and respect that customers will have for your business which usually results in significant profit increases.

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