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Item NameQuantityPriceTotal
TS710SG-KIT - 10cc Syringe Gun Full Component Kit (remove) £59.22£59.22
TSD931-1 - Male Threaded Fitting 5/16-28 Brass (remove) £17.55£17.55
TSD931-17PS - Female luer to 5/32" barb pk/5 (remove) £6.25£6.25
TSD931-28D - Male Luer to 1/8" Barb Stainless Steel (remove) £39.50£39.50
TSD931-60 - Male Luer to 1/4-28" Thread pk/5 (remove) £7.35£7.35
221830 - 6oz Manual Cartridge Sealant Gun (remove) £199.38£199.38
TSD931-49M - Female Luer to 1/4-28 Thread (remove) £14.91£14.91
DG30-KIT - 30cc Syringe Gun Full Component Kit (remove) £52.55£52.55
AD25CCG - Electric 2.5oz Battery Gun (remove) £384.77£384.77
TSD931-17AP - Male luer to 1/16" barb pk/5 (remove) £6.12£6.12
TSD931-19PVM - Male Luer to 1/8" Barb PVDF pk/5 (remove) £12.50£12.50
G110-60 - 6oz G-Series Air Cartridge Gun (remove) £266.77£266.77
ADV-20BH - 20 oz Battery Cartridge Gun 18v (remove) £696.45£696.45
TSD931-15SS - Female Luer to 1/4" NPT S/S x 1 (remove) £38.41£38.41
TSD931-49C - Male luer to 1/4-28 thread pk/5 (remove) £7.60£7.60
TS710SG-TSI - 10cc Manual Syringe Gun Blue (remove) £28.03£28.03
TS755SG-KIT - 55cc Syringe Gun Red Full Component Kit (remove) £45.12£45.12
TSD931-76 - Female to male luer metal fitting (remove) £17.80£17.80
TSD931-10 - Female luer to 0.100" OD barb pk/5 (remove) £3.15£3.15
TSD931-28ST - Male Luer to 1/4" Barb Stainless Steel (remove) £39.57£39.57
TSD931-24B - Female Luer Lock to 1/4-28 x 5 (remove) £6.50£6.50
TSD931-82C - Female to male luer fitting Nylon pk/5 (remove) £8.90£8.90
TSD931-17PN - Female luer to 1/8" barb pk/5 (remove) £7.20£7.20

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